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Its sometimes frustrating how when you have time to blog, that’s because nothing exciting is happening, so there’s not much to talk about, and vice versa. I have been back from holidays for a week, and it has been incredibly busy – and will continue to be so.

I have 3 ongoing staff workshops to plan for, brand new units for the experiential program to finish writing, and with the changes to the computer grants that were just released, a whole new elearning plan to write.

2 of my PD workshops for staff will be with small teams of teachers working on units of work for the Smartboard. I have just compiled a list of some good resources online to pass along to them, and thought it might be of use to others also, so here it is… Happy Smartboarding!

IWB Resources Online

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  1.   Ernest on February 22nd, 2011          

    Great blog post. Although I think you should add the following link to your list: . There are quite a few Smartboard related links on Bob’s site. My wife and I have worked in K-12 education for over 11 years. My wife is an elementary teacher and I manage the I.T. department. I have noticed that collaborative technologies for education have been very scattered throughout the Internet. There are curriculum / resource sites, people blogging and tweeting everywhere, but finding others to collaborate with has always been somewhat challenging. I’m hoping to change that with a project I’ve been working on for over a year now called It’s a site that encompasses all areas of K12 (Teaching / Curriculum, Facilities, Finance, Administration, Technology) under one umbrella (with their own sub sections). The site also includes a number of collaborative tools including: Forums, Blogs, One on one and group chats (including text, video and audio) with whiteboard, group document and desktop sharing. For convenience, users can subscribe to content through email or RSS. There really are more features than I can post here. I want the site to be driven by people working in K-12 education. Please visit this site as I welcome everyone’s feedback and contributions.

    I should also mention the site is totally free.

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