WebQuests in a Web 2.0 World

I just read an interesting blog post.  Tom March just posted ‘Tom’s new WebQuest article’ on his site, and it is worth a read. Well, more importantly, the article it refers to

Revisiting WebQuests in a Web 2 World. How developments in technology and pedagogy combine to scaffold personal learning.

is worth a read.  I’m glad that the discussion has been started, as it’s an important one. If the potential of Web 2.0 isn’t addressed and utilised, there is the risk that formats such as the WebQuest will be discarded as outmoded, which would be a shame.  The underlying philosophy of the WebQuest fits so well into the Web 2.0 world.  The importance of a rich and real experience, the opportunity for real world assessment and feedback – these are features that can be ably supported by the use of Web 2.0 tools.

In fact, this approach to change should be encouraged in all aspects of curriculum design. In our project we are frequently saying that we do not wish to re-invent the wheel, nor use technology for its own sake.  What we want to do is use the technology that is available to us to make our curriculum content as meaningful, engaging and relevant as possible.  And the ‘push up’ mentality of Web 2.0 gives our students a voice on a global stage, and the opportunity to interact productively with individuals all over the world.

If you have used WebQuests in your classroom, it’s definitely worth taking some time to read the article – I’d love to hear your views.

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